Escape The Narcissist is about helping you find your self-worth, offering you some thought provoking ideas to change your life and aiding you in revitalizing your relationships.
With that in mind, Escape The Narcissist has one core relationship we want to focus on: the one you have with yourself.
This site was born from a place of darkness. We’ve all, at some point in our lives, been on the receiving end of ill treatment from others. From being a victim of a narcissistic relationship, being mistreated by those who should protect us and not being shown the respect we deserve, these toxic relationships can affect us more than we realise.
Whilst the people behind the content of this site all have their own ideas and stories, they have one thing in common: they’ve all overcome toxicity in their lives and want to share their story.
The content of the stories, pieces of advice and actionable life changes within this site all aim to inspire, provoke a healthier way of thinking, and help to heal any negative effects you’ve been left with at the hands of other people.